Content or Content

Media-analysis Prompt #2 Twitter has become a very unique platform for everyone. Anything can be said and it can also be said to anyone. Twitter gives normal people to to chat directly toward their favorite musician, actor, or brand, with a chance that they may get retweeted or responded toward.  Many breaking events are on … More Content or Content

The Mighty Oak

When I think about Jacksonville, I think about so many different things. I think about places, experiences, people, and I think about the word home. Just like many other places around the world, there is the usual traffic, good & bad neighborhoods, and corporate chains, but there are also unique landmarks. I wanted to do … More The Mighty Oak

Video Biography

Here is my video biography for something that reminds me the history of Jacksonville. The narration describes that there are more than just man made buildings and bridges, but a history of living things and areas that remind us of more simple beginnings.  

PSA Adbuster

I had overthought this video collage. The end product was more reserved than the original. I think that the faux public service announcement works but what do I know?