Digital Education

Have you ever wondered if you were in the position to shape the young minds of the future, what methods or ideas would be useful? I racked my brain when presented with this is a unique question for a class discussion.

I remember my K-12 education and when I compare it to my 11-year-old little brother’s current curriculum. There are tons of differences that I am not familiar with, such as new math or common core. I am very grateful to be an “80’s” baby. I had things like Reading Rainbow and Bill Nye, which were educational entertainment shows. Other forms of technology weren’t on the market yet, so playing outside and reading were also encouraged more.

I did some research on some of the current technologies available, so as a teacher, I would like to use something that can be applied in real world situations, while intergrading modern technology. This means using the Bridging Theory, which has to do with taking the concepts learned and putting them to practice. The use of cursive while growing up was like learning a new alphabet or language. Even though many things are now in digital form, penmanship is an art form and useful.

Technology has shortened attention spans and it isn’t going away. The integration of tablets and computers while learning the alphabet, cursive, and qwerty keyboard seem like a good place to start. Apps like Math Ninja and sites like have the correct idea. In order for this education to stick, practice makes perfect. Beginning this type of curriculum at a younger age would be key for longevity.


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