Modern “Folk” Art

The idea of “folk” art since digital culture has evolved in many ways. In the past, a political comic was viewed in only a few places. It was drawn by a cartoonist and circulated in print publications. The current state of folk art allows everyone to participate. Instead of drawing a picture, captioning it, submitting it to a publication, there is a website that has templates that can be used, saved, sent, and posted online.

Anyone can do it!!! Each template delivers a different message. A majority of these images are known pop culture references. It is like having a subculture for inside jokes.

Here is a mild example:


Only watchers of GOT, will get this. Others may understand the general concept, but aren’t “in the loop”.

There is no subject matter off of the table in “Meme culture”. I have sent an inappropriate o
r untimely meme a time or two because of the hyper sensitivity of the subject matter.

Diffusing a serious situation with a joke can look insensitive at times. Call me old fashioned, even though I have a dark sense of humor at times, I do believe in boundaries.


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