Story Time

Transmedia storytelling is a more in depth process than many may be aware of.

Storytelling when I was younger dealt with more traditional tales that had an underlying message of morality. Sthink_matrix.jpgtories like The Three Little Pigs, The Three Bears, and David & Goliath incorporated thing issues that are still relevant today, such as bullying, stealing, patience, and perseverance. The term transmedia speaks of a multiplatform involving many levels of involvement.

Jenkins talks about some of the early examples of Transmedia storytelling in Searching For the Origami Unicorn. The references in this chapter are based on the movies Blade Runner and The Matrix. The Matrix is still the best transmedia that I have experienced.

Spoiler alert*

The Blockbuster incorporated video games and an animation series that details different perspectives anUnknown.pngd plotlines about the computer based world that humans were trapped in. Many different movies are now plotting out similar techniques to keep audiences engaged. Star Wars and Harry Potter have huge following that keep growing due to the collective intelligence and narratives.
Since we live in a Digital Age, video games will continue to allow fans to play as their favorite character while experiencing separate stories that also tie into the next sequel or show a time period that may not be in the book or film.


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