It Takes a Village

Utilitarianism isn’t anything new. It is instilled in the DNA of many living things. There are tons of species that have survived based on this. Henry Jenkins argues that a knowledge based culture can further not just an individual growth but also the society in which the ideas are shared. Hopefully, I haven’t lost you yet…

There is an old proverb that you may have heard before, “it takes a village to raise a child”. I am not speaking of the Hilary Clinton Book!

This phrase means many different things based on the interpreter. Each person in a tribe or village holds separate skills. For a child to be functional and well versed for unique periods of life, they must incorporate aspects from the community that it was raised in. My moral compass has been shaped from watching my family interact as well as observing society over my 30 years on this planet.

The most relevant example of community based knowledge is Wikipedia. Any topic that can be thought of has a forum that anyone can contribute what they know toward it. Prior to the Internet, books where the main source of acquiring knowledge. Every interaction with
that topic may not be the same. Scientist and philosophers have been wrong before. Time and technology have proven many
thingswrong and experiences will also vary based on random factors, but the Earth is not flat, not every Pitbull is a vicious animal, bacon is bad for you?!

We can learn a lot from each other as long as we keep an open mind. It would make the world a much better place to live too.


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