The Arts

Have you or your loved ones ever been a judged scribbles on a wall? Not liked a musicians song? Thought a film was bad? If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are a victim of art.

What is art?

This question has been asked to many over centuries and the answer has always varied. Art  is every spectrum of emotion. It can be happy or sad, organized or chaotic, political or satire, or all of the above. Art is diverse because it does not use one specific medium.

I grew up drawing and doodling on everything. I randomly paint now, but my ultimately I did graffiti. Many call it street art or vandalism, but there is a huge culture behind it. There is even a reasoning behind some of the vandalism. We are forced to look at advertisements everywhere we go. They are on billboards, radio, television, movies, sports… Corporate logos, such as McDonalds and Nike, are etched into our subconscious. All of the branding that is paid for by corporations doesn’t make it right. Graffiti is a personal branding and personal expression.
images.jpegUnknown.jpegArt has always been a visual thing for me. I love walking around museums and observing different methods and styles while trying to understand why the artist painted it. I don’t just stop at the visual arts. Music and film are also one of my favorite forms of expression. All of these things are international languages.

The interpretation of art is different to all but you can bring anyone together and they can look at a beautiful painting or listen to a rhythmic song and have something instantly in common. It can mean the complete opposite to the strangers, but sharing a moment means the art or artist has done their job.




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