Reactive, Not Proactive

Have we not learned anything from history?

As many great empires before us, there is a great time of art, communication, humanity, and prosperity. In almost everyone of those instances it is followed by co
rruption, violence, ego, then ultimately falls.

Ken Burns stated that our social media has allowed us too much comfort. We march-on-washington-aerial-view.jpg
are able to sit on the sidelines while important things are happening in the world and share them on Facebook feeling as though we have done our parts. It baffled me to learn from the article, that in the 1850’s there was a political party known as the Know-Nothing party. It reminds me of what is going on in the U.S. and the U.K. There are still activist, but it isn’t anything compared to the 60’s and 70’s protest for civil rights and anti-war. Great movements have required great actions. Actions have consequences. Maybe society has become afraid of facing the consequences due to social judgement from their peers. Maybe just accepting  issues and nitpicking for PC terminology is the fight that seems more important.

Generations before us had major issues to fight for, World Wars, the Great Depression, Women’s lib, Civil rights. All of our battles have been fought so that we can enjoy the “now”. Times change with the technology so unfortunately the “now” consist of living life thru a screen. It can get better because social media is still young.

I still believe that American do have a sense of collective history, maybe it is just watered down or hidden under our ego. We do not live in a proactive society. Americans will react once they have figured out we it is too late or they have had enough.



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