The 4th Estate

Media Analysis #3

Living in a technology based society has many ups and downs. I work in a retail, convincing people that this new gadget will help make the day-to-day grind easier and also help with remaining connected to friends and loved ones. It isn’t just the devices that I am peddling, but the home entertainment as well.

stories-630x286.jpgWith information being readily available at our finger tips, I begin to wonder how it was in the past. Information equals power. Journalist were the fact and propaganda sources. What is referred to as “the fourth estate” by Thomas Caryle. He also stated that it is one of the most power  forces, giving the ability to hold the government accountable and also sway opinions.

When observing the current state of the media, it is difficult to take serious. The most relevant example in the previous month is the agenda for gun control. On multiple media platforms, the tragic happening in Orlando made headlines across the globe. It also has politicians nibbling at the bit to mediate legislation. Everyone has given the their thoughts and prayers to the victims and families (as they should). The opposite end of the spectrum isn’t receiving the same airtime. A man with a concealed weapons license stops a mass shooting a in South Carolina nightclub.


The more things change, the more they seem to stay the  same. Neil Postman talked about how the most morbid information will just get washed over by the commercial sponsorship when the segment breaks. Nothing has changed since the 20 years of this statement. Media outlets still report the news, but at the same time, it entertainment.



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