Content or Content

Media-analysis Prompt #2

Twitter has become a very unique platform for everyone. Anything can be said and it can also be said to anyone. Twitter gives normal people to to chat directly toward their favorite musician, actor, or brand, with a chance that they may get retweeted or responded toward.  Many breaking events are on Twitter prior to the news because “amateur journalist” are already on the scene.

Just in case you have been under a rock for the last 10 years, now that you know what Twitter is… Are they obligated to censor content?!?

imagesWhen was the last time that a newscast was done that didn’t involve violent content? Sadly, tragedy is apart of life. Back in 2014, Twitter had a choice to make when an American journalist, James Foley, was beheaded in front of a camera for the world to view. In response to such a gruesome and inhuman video, graphic content was being blocked or taken down.

I think having a disclaimer for such content is a much better solution. Blocking content from people to post or see violates many freedoms that have been battled for over hundreds of years.

This issue can happen on television, Facebook, Twitter, ETC… The news is news. If people do not want to watch it, that is their right. If people want to watch it, that is their right.




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