Digital Reflection

Guess what… You are now reading my blog for another class. It is one of two courses remaining for me to get my Bachelors degree.

The good news is that this is the last class I will have for this blog. The bad news is that this is the last class I will have for this blog. That being said… This course is RTV4403, Media Criticism, it is where I get to criticize the media.

In order to criticize the media, there needs to be a reputable news agency that reports the facts. CNN is the most reputable based on an Punditfacts Truth-O-Meter. This website fact checks the statements/stories reported and then grades it on a scale from true to pants on fire. The real question is should news sources incorporate a comment forum with the story? My answer is based on two different scenarios.
  1. Other contributions to a news source may help expand on the facts.
  2. Internet “trolls” may use the forum to say unnecessary and hurtful things
Too many news sources and journalist release information without proper investigation. It was very surprising to learn the stats from Pundifact and that other major “news” sources feed the public copious amounts of lies. After further investigation, many news companies are owned by only a hand full of corporations. This makes it easy to understand that the propaganda machine works. Journalist reporting the news should write the article or report the information to the best known extent and then release to the public. The news should be reported once all the facts are collected. Hearsay should not be pushed for the sake of ratings.
One of the greatest components of the Internet was the ability to remain anonymous. The anonymity allows critics to remain secret but also voice their opinion on a matter. This has become a double edged sword. There isn’t enough credibility for randoms to make statements without backing them up. The problem here remains that individuals can hide behind an alias so that they may say outlandish things.
Just because you have the ability to say something, doesn’t mean it should be said.



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