A Hero of The Underground?

Have drugs ever ruined your life or the life of someone that you know?

Jason Peter’s memoir, Hero of the Underground, is a difficult story to follow for some because it deals with addiction. Peter is an aspiring professional football player that gets hooked on pain killers to keep up performance.

His addiction snowballs into heroine, crack, and cocaine. The story shows how hard narcotics and the ego of a football star are a bad combination.jason peter

I recently went to a seminar that was debating the support or the banning of the book. The seminar had the audience split up into two groups, the banning side and the buying side. Each side had to argue for its cause and defend touchy themes, such as the encouragement of a  damaging lifestyle, offensive language and content, sexual situations that encourage crude behavior, and a negative depressing tone.

Regardless of the content in his book, the seminar is debating freedom of speech. Do you agree with censorship?

I invite you to read his book and come to your own decision.



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